31 Dec 2018

When it comes to remodeling your kitchen space, there is so much to consider. Many homeowners and home builders will put a lot of time into choosing the right appliances, the best flooring, the most functional lighting, the longest lasting countertops, and the most aesthetically pleasing paint colors and backsplash designs, but sometimes they put just a little effort into making the most out of their cabinet space. They get done with their kitchen remodel just to be unhappy with their storage space, or lack thereof. If you are considering a kitchen build or remodel, the team at Fayetteville Granite would like you to make your cabinets a priority in your design plan.

Cabinets are essential to any kitchen space. Whether your kitchen is a small space or a large one, your cabinets can make or break the overall look of your kitchen. With so many amazing options to choose from in cabinets, there is no reason to overlook them. When looking for the best option for you, consider their color, size, layout and material. If you are in a smaller kitchen space, you may want to opt for a more open cabinet design with closed cabinets on the lower half and open shelves on top. If you have a good size kitchen space, you may want lots of big cabinets on top. You can have a standard size cabinet that leaves room between the ceiling and the top of it, but if you are looking to maximize your storage capacity and eliminate small appliances taking up space on countertops when not in use, you can also opt for cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling.

Consider kitchen cabinets with deeper drawers to hold more utensils and other dishes. Also, consider making part of your cabinet space a place to put your trash can out of sight. The possibilities with kitchen cabinets are endless.

When you are ready to find the perfect kitchen cabinet solution for you, let our staff at Fayetteville Granite know. We can help you make your kitchen vision come true! Give us a call at (910) 483-0468.

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